Sadistic/Hilarious Dad Films Middle School Kids Falling On Ice, Laughs

Comedy Video
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I want to tell you all right off the bat that this is not comedy. This is a morality test. This is a trial-by-Internet to see whether you’re a good person. The video embedded below contains five minutes of a dad in his car filming as middle school kids walk down a pathway and slip and fall on the ice. He makes no move to help them, instead just sitting back and reveling in wipe-out after wipe-out. He even does sarcastic commentary! Eventually, his daughter joins him in the passenger seat and SHE starts laughing, which probably means this whole family is evil. So watch, and realize that how you react is a judgment on your very humanity!

(Note: I began laughing hysterically at about the 45-second mark, and didn’t stop until the end.)

(Note: And then I watched again.)