Seth Meyers Challenges Late Night Viewers to "Fake or Florida"

Comedy Video seth meyers
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When it comes to generating insane headlines, bizarro news juggernaut Florida towers above the competition. Thanks to stories like “Florida Man Shot In The Leg By Dog” and “Florida Man Says He Thought Cocaine Was Legal,” the Sunshine State has even inspired a dedicated Twitter account, Florida Man, which chronicles the adventures of the “world’s worst superhero.” That can make it pretty difficult to distinguish real peninsular headlines from sentences a drunk person made up, a fact Seth Meyers was counting on last night when he unveiled “Fake or Florida,” Late Night’s newest game show.

Mixing real articles with wholesale fabrications, Meyers tested audiences members on their Florida news knowledge, awarding one stick-puppet manatee for each correct answer. That might sound simple enough, but stories of cockroach-eating pastors and angry dildo-cutting exes have a way of straddling the line between art movie absurdity and Florida reality. You can check it out above, but the only prize for playing at home is not living in Florida (offer not valid for Floridians).