Sony To Release New Life-Tracking SmartBand in March

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Sony To Release New Life-Tracking SmartBand in March

The Sony SmartBand, the first product powered by the company’s new fitness tracker, Core, will be released in March. Vague details of the product were first unveiled at CES in January, and now Sony is showing a finalized version of it this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Sony has conceptualized Core as much more than a physical fitness and sleep tracker; it records social and entertainment activities, too.

The SmartBand connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with the app Lifelog, which will also release in March. As the app’s name suggests, Lifelog aims to record and preserve much of what you do on a daily basis: the weather for the day and the week, the places you visit, songs you’ve listened to, games you’ve played, and books you’ve read. It can also track your daily commute and tell if you’re traveling via bike, car or train. The app presents it all through photos, fitness goals, charts, and numbers in a visually interesting interface, and rewards points based on how you live and move. Sony calls the entire package the “SmartWear Experience.”

While it’s capable of taking on many unique roles at once, Core is also using base functions from other fitness trackers already on the market. The SmartBand will measure steps taken, sleep cycle, total active time and the amount of calories burned. When paired with Lifelog, the band will also vibrate for set alarms, reached goals, incoming phone calls, text messages, tweets and Facebook notifications.

The Sony Core will premiere in 60 countries in March. Check out the promo video for the Sony Core below.