Stefon to Appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Stefon to Appear on <i>Late Night with Seth Meyers</i>

Of the characters introduced during Seth Meyers’ tenure at the helm of SNL’s “Weekend Update,” few will be as missed as Bill Hader’s Stefon, the soft-spoken club kid whose recommendations seemed inspired in equal measures by Hieronymus Bosch and crystal meth. Luckily, fans of the city correspondent might once again get to hear his debaucherous, “Furkel”-filled visions after Meyers takes over Late Night later this month.

Talking to Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen, Meyers revealed last night that he thinks Stefon will “turn up eventually” on his new show. That’s assuming, of course, Hader isn’t too busy playing all the dying aliens in the new Star Wars movies.

Late Night with Seth Meyers is scheduled to premiere February 24.