Stone Brewing Enjoy By Review

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Stone Brewing Enjoy By Review

Stone Brewing Company in San Diego, CA, is often the measuring stick when it comes to West Coast IPA’s.

With the Enjoy By series, Stone Brewery has tapped into yet another beautiful idea: creating an unbelievably fresh beer that is meant to last only five weeks (a 35-day cycle) after it’s bottled. The brewery has claimed that if any beer remains on the shelf after the expiration date (2/14/14 in this case) it would be removed immediately. The Enjoy By 2/14/14 Double IPA is the 13th batch in the 17-month run of this unique series. Here’s a quick vid that explains the method behind Stone’s madness.

With the Enjoy By Double IPA, Stone utilizes hop bursting, a process in which they added a small amount of bittering hops with a tremendous back-end of flavoring hops. As if that wasn’t enough, the beer was also dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy hops.

I was able to get my hands on a 22-ounce bomber of the Enjoy By 2/14/14 at a local bottling shop. As I popped open the bottle, the overwhelming smell of citrusy hops filled the room. The golden pour and sustainable two-inch head insinuates a truly haunting first sip. This Double IPA packs a unique toffee taste, a mix of tropical fruits, and that always-recognizable Stone grapefruit flavor, all of which is wrapped up with a potent 9.4% ABV. The alcohol is hidden well among the beer’s warm, gentle, and seductive medium body, so don’t expect an overwhelmingly boozy flavor.

With the 35-day clock ticking, Enjoy By 2/14/14 will be drinkable for just a little while longer. Get it now, then keep an eye out for the next Stone Enjoy By release.

Brewery: Stone Brewery
City: San Diego, CA
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 9.4%
Availability: Extremely limited release, bottle and on tap