Streaker at Prabal Gurung NYFW Show

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The hustle and bustle of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was briefly interrupted on Saturday when a streaker lit up the Prabal Gurung runway wearing only a crown, red socks and leopard-print G-string. He was quickly apprehended and dragged off stage by security after attempting to fall in line with the designer’s models.

Within minutes, both Twitter and Instagram had deteriorated into a flurry of #streaker tweets and flesh-colored blurry photos, though many attendees remained unamused. John Jannuzzi of GQ wrote, “It read more as disrespectful than anything else,” while the New York Times reported that after kneeling in front of one model and an “unfazed Anna Wintour” he was dragged off and the show resumed “as if nothing had happened.”

The streaker was later identified as Ukranian journalist and celebrity “prankster,” Vitalii Sediuk—the same man responsible for two separate crotch-grabbing incidents, as well as for stealing Adam Levine’s seat at the 2014 Grammy Awards. No charges are being filed at this time.

Via The New York Times

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