Study Finds Bill Clinton Was Jay Leno's Most Mocked Celebrity

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Study Finds Bill Clinton Was Jay Leno's Most Mocked Celebrity

Analyzing over two decades of Tonight Show monologues, professional joke counters at George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs have found that Bill Clinton was the most common target of Jay Leno’s quips, Deadline reports. Out of 43,892 jabs aimed at public figures, 4,607 were about former president Clinton, making him both the most mocked politician and the most frequent celebrity punchline overall during Leno’s tenure on the show.

Coming in second place was Clinton’s successor George W. Bush, whom the researchers found to be the butt of Leno’s jokes 3,239 times from 1992 to January of this year. In general, even the most japed entertainment personalities trailed far behind political figures, with O.J. Simpson being featured in a mere 795 jokes. Other top targets over the years were Al Gore, Barack Obama and Michael Jackson, who showed up in 1,026, 1,011 and 505 jokes, respectively. You can read the full list here, which has some interesting data that’s still probably not worth watching 20 years of Leno monologues in a week.