Style Record: Hannah Hooper of Grouplove

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Style Record: Hannah Hooper of Grouplove

Boisterous pop quintet Grouplove compels listeners to bounce around and join in on their carefully crafted euphoria. Their sophomore album, Spreading Rumors, was released last September, followed by a short documentary and concert film in December titled I’m With You. Now, the band is preparing to kick off their US tour starting in March with performances at Coachella, Big Guava Fest, and Firefly Festival.

Hannah Hooper, the band’s keyboardist and lead vocalist (along with boyfriend Christian Zucconi), is an integral part of the band’s infectious jubilance. Hooper’s style can be summed up as a combination of shock value and subtler conversation pieces. Whether it is the mini skeleton dangling from her right ear as she half raps, half sings in the “Tongue Tied” video, or the skintight skeleton unitard she dons in “Ways to Go,” Hooper is never lost in the jovial blur of a band she helps to front. She is a fashion risk-taker, and while her style is not the point of her music, it certainly makes it fun to observe.

In the second installment of the Style Record series, Hooper talks thrifting, her style inspirations and striving to dress like a gangster on a farm.


Paste: How has your style changed since Grouplove has gained momentum?

Hooper: My style has changed with how active my performance has become. Anything that stretches and moves with me on stage I am wearing right now.

Paste: What is your on-stage style like versus your off-stage style?

Hooper: On stage I am super hero Hannah. I wear clothes that are bold but comfortable and most importantly, that I can freak out in without worrying about my boobs falling out.

Off stage I dress like a gangster on a farm.

Paste: How would you describe a “gangster on a farm?”

Hooper: I mix up stuff like overalls and gold chains or floral pants and baller jackets.

Paste: Do you shop high and low?

Hooper: I love to look around. I can’t predict where the next find is going to be but more often than not it is thrift or vintage. I like being the only person wearing something. I also love altering clothing as well to make them even more my own.

Paste: So thrifting is a big part of your shopping routine? Where is your favorite place to thrift?

Hooper: I grew up in the Upper Haight in San Francisco which has incredible thrifting. So yes I love me some good thrifting. I think great thrift shops go hand in hand with great timing. It’s all about someone donating their clothing to a shop round the time you walk in. So it is less about the place and more about everything lining up just right.

Paste: Who are you style influences?

Hooper: My mom, she makes converse, old jeans and a frumpy sweater chic. Karen O, she’s always changing it up and there is a story to her pieces that is timeless. William from the band Reptar, every time I see him, we are dressed the same and there is magic in that. Christian, the love of my life, he looks better in my clothes than I do, so we share all our clothes.


Paste: Since Grouplove was formed in Crete and has toured since, how have your travels influenced your style?

Hooper: My wardrobe has become much smaller since Grouplove started touring. Traveling all the time has made me hone in on what I really need in my suitcase and what I will actually wear. I have also learned to leave enough room in my bag for something new cause you just never know.

Paste: What items of clothing and beauty products do you always bring to festivals?

Hooper: I always bring sunscreen because i am a natural red head and burn in any weather condition. But I have white blonde hair right now, which can turn weird colors if I use any shampoo, so I bring this purple shampoo by Sheer Blonde with me to keep my locks light. I have some flowy elastic pants, which are comfortable to travel in, sleep in and can also be dressed up for whatever occasion.

Paste: Are there any items of clothing you consider your “style essentials?”

Hooper: Sunglasses, a heavy knit sweater, old tee shirt, Levis and an old pair of Converse and I am good to go. It is less about what I am wearing and more about how I am wearing it.