The First Hilarious True Detective Tumblr is Here

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The First Hilarious <em>True Detective</em> Tumblr is Here

HBO’s True Detective is only four episodes deep, but already we’ve seen heaps of critical praise (guilty), backlash, intense debate and a fully formed fan infrastructure that most shows take two seasons to build. And now, at last, we have our first really funny Tumblr.

True Detective Conversations, written by a fellow who calls himself Bobby Finger on Twitter, utilizes a pretty simple format for each post—three photos from one of the show’s car scenes, displayed vertically. In the first photo, Det. Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) tries to start a conversation about topics ranging from the winter Olympics to Valentine’s Day plans to Jay Leno’s final show. In the second panel, his partner Rust Chole (Matthew McConaughey) replies with some cutting remark reflective of his bleak worldview, with a dash of pop culture snark thrown in for good measure. Finally, in the last panel, we see Hart again, anguished at this latest failed attempt at basic conversation.


Hopefully, this is only the beginning of the True Detective Tumblrs, because the source material is too rich. My suggestion? Another three-panel effort that culminates with McConaughey at the interrogation table saying, “start asking the right fucking questions.” Again, visit True Detective Conversations here to see them all, because the reimagining of Rust Cohle as a catty Hollywood gossip is too good to miss. Although I must say, I’m 100 percent on board when it comes to his favorite sport at the Sochi games: