The Five Best Things That Happened on the Melissa McCarthy SNL

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Melissa McCarthy   took to hosting SNL for the third time on Saturday. It’s a natural role for the Bridesmaids star, who seems like she probably should have been a cast member at some point, anyway. Her array of objectionable characters—which included a revenge-seeking women’s group member, a loud-mouthed museum staffer and a deranged game show contestant—were great, and the episode featured an unusually high number of memorable moments, in general. Most of all, a touching farewell to soon-to-be Late Night host Seth Meyers. Yes, Stefon was there.

Here’s are the rest:

5. CVS is Your One-Stop Shop for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is only two weeks away. There are plenty of guys who haven’t realized this yet, or at least haven’t realized that yes, they do have a girlfriend and yes, they do need to get her something. That will likely come the day before or the day of, which is where CVS comes in. Nothing says “I love you” like a novelty mylar balloon.

4. Taran Killam Describing the Snow as Southerner Buford Calloway


Taran Killam continues to be the MVP of SNL. He’s kind of like Peyton Manning if Peyton Manning never had to play in the Super Bowl. During Seth Meyers’ final “Weekend Update,” he appeared as Atlanta resident Buford Calloway, an old school Southerner who didn’t take too kindly to the two-inch blizzard that recently incapacitated the city. A list of the ways he referred to snow:

1. Devil’s Dandruff
2. Connecticut Confetti
3. New England Clam Powder
4. Obama’s White Friend
5. New Ham Sugar Cane
6. Yankee Slush

Bonus: Sweet Dixie Champagne = Coca-Cola

3. The Super Bowl…Broadway Style!

This was glorious. For the cold open, we were taken to the Fox Sports halftime desk, which informed us that Bruno Mars and the Chili Peppers couldn’t make it into New Jersey because of the Polar Vortex…But fear not. A full-blown Super Bowl musical starring Taran Killam as a bedazzled Peyton Manning was ready to step in. The entire thing was priceless, and we even saw Melissa McCarthy as “Mama Pass,” Peyton’s mentor and “the best dang quarterback coach this side of 7th Avenue.”

2. “You know what? I’m taking this. I’M TAKING THE LLAMA!”

Melissa McCarthy  seems nice enough, but during the monologue we learned that she can be a diva behind the scenes. As she told the audience how happy she was to be back, Bobby Moynihan took issue, reminding everyone of an ugly incident that went down backstage after McCarthy’s last time hosting. Not only did she verbally berate Moynihan, she broke a flower vase, pushed Abraham Lincoln out of the way and, worst of all, callously decided to steal an NBC-owned llama.


1. Farewell, Seth Meyers

Saturday was Seth Meyers’ final “Weekend Update” and, not surprisingly, he was given a fitting farewell. Incumbent anchor Cecily Strong said her piece before bringing out two old friends: Amy Poheler and Stefon. Meyers’ former partners in crime were there to usher the departing veteran into the post-SNL world…That and to explain what “human DVRs” are, which I’m going to go ahead and leave up to Stefon. Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen were also kind enough to stop by, as well.

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