Netflix Promotes New Season of House of Cards with Special Edition "House of Cards Against Humanity" Pack

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Netflix Promotes New Season of <i>House of Cards</i> with Special Edition "House of Cards Against Humanity" Pack

The greatest thing to happen to Valentine’s Day in the history of the “holiday” is happening this year. Netflix is releasing the entire second season of their Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated hit show House of Cards. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, it did.

The folks at Cards Against Humanity have teamed up with Netflix to release a special edition of the popular card game in honor of the show’s second season. According to the Cards Against Humanity website, the House of Cards Against Humanity pack includes “25 brand-new cards about power, politics, passive-aggressive handjobs, and other scenes that we can never unsee.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the very popular party game, Cards Against Humanity “is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.” The game features black cards with questions and white cards with answers, with the objective to play the funniest answer from your hand. It’s both hilarious and brilliant in its simplicity.

What might just be one of the greatest promotions of a television show ever, you’ve got to hand it to Netflix. The plot lines and one-liners from House of Cards practically write themselves as cards for the game.

The best part is that the special edition is free. Sadly, the physical packs have already sold out, but you can download and print your own on version of the game via the Cards Against Humanity website.

Via: Laughing Squid