The Spanish-Language Breaking Bad Looks...Interesting

TV Video
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Back in October, we showed you the 30-second trailer for Metástasis, the Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad that will air later this year across Latin America on Univision, and in the U.S. on the offshoot UniMás. All we knew then was that some of the character translations, like “Walter Blanco” for Walter White and “Cielo” (the Spanish word for “sky”) as Skyler, were pretty funny. Now, thanks to a feature by The New Republic, we have a few more details.

For one, it’s essentially a shot-for-shot remake, but with a few key details changed. Instead of an RV, Walter Blanco and Jose (Jesse) will be cooking in an old school bus. And instead of tacky commercials, Saul Bueno (Saul Goodman, another hilarious translation) will host a late-night talk show for listeners seeking legal advice. The show will be called, delightfully, “Cuéntele a Saúl.”

It’s worth reading the whole New Republic article for details on how the show is attempting to be different from other Spanish-language knock-offs of American programs, which Diego Trujillo (Walter Blanco) called a source of “cultural shame.” Turns out, Vince Gilligan even joined on as a consultant.

We also have a new, extended trailer, six minutes long and with subtitles. Watch it above.