The White House Announces its First Ever Makers Faire in 2014

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The White House Announces its First Ever Makers Faire in 2014

The White House is encouraging technology and creation by holding its first ever Maker Faire this year. A Maker Faire is a gathering of talented and intelligent people who come together and put their well-executed efforts on display. Considered to be “part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new” you will never be sure what inventions the faire will hold.

This particular Maker Faire was inspired by Joey Hudy and his marshmallow cannon, when he shot it across the State Dining Room (this also earned him an invitation to the State of the Union). The Maker Faire was first launched in 2006 but is continually expanding with 165,000 people, a large part of the DIY movement, attending the two main events in New York and San Mateo, Calif. in 2012.

The White House isn’t giving many details about the Faire yet, but are saying that it will be held “later this year.” They also stated that it “will be an opportunity to highlight both the remarkable stories of Makers like Joey [Hudy] and commitments by leading organizations to help more students and entrepreneurs get involved in making things.”

If you want to get involved you can send pictures of your creations to or tag #IMadeThis on Twitter. Like Joey Hudy’s business card says, “Don’t be bored, make something,” and start creating.