Tina Fey to Star in Film Adaptation of The Taliban Shuffle, Lorne Michaels to Produce

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Tina Fey to Star in Film Adaptation of <i>The Taliban Shuffle</i>, Lorne Michaels to Produce

Last year, comedian Tina Fey became a best-selling memoirist with her book Bossypants and it looks like she’s continuing on her non-fiction kick. According The Wrap, the 30 Rock creator is set to produce and star in a film adaptation of Kim Barker’s The Taliban Shuffle, which details the ProPublica journalist’s time in the Middle East during the war in Afghanistan. Taken from a source text described as “darkly comic,” it’s hard to say whether the project will lean more towards tragedy or comedy, but Fey’s involvement could indicate a less-than-grave tone.

This isn’t the first time the comedian has covered international politics, having anchored Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” from 2000-2006. Additionally, 30 Rock itself often used global affairs as a backdrop for its humor, including a memorable recurring role by Margret Cho as North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il. Former 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock will be writing the script for The Taliban Shuffle, so it wouldn’t wrong to expect the new movie to find laughs in a similarly tense political environment.

Fey will serve as producer under her own Little Stranger, as will Lorne Michaels under Broadway Video, which is also attached.