TowerFall Ascension Launching on PS4, Steam March 11

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<i>TowerFall Ascension</i> Launching on PS4, Steam March 11

TowerFall was one of the best indie games of last year. Actually, it was one of the best videogames last year, period. The problem was its exclusivity to a console virtually no one owned, the Ouya.

That’s all changing come March 11, when TowerFall Ascension, a new version of the game, launches on both Steam and PS4. Ascension is similar to the Ouya exclusive, but it features 50 new arenas, new powerups and new game modes.

TowerFall was created by Matt Thorson and is a competitive local multiplayer game in which players duke it out in one of the game’s numerous arenas. It’s in a similar vein to Super Smash Bros., but with arrows and one-hit kills and a whole lot of depth.

The news of TowerFall’s release means that March 11 will be the biggest release day for videogames thus far in 2014. Also launching that Tuesday are Titanfall and Dark Souls 2.