Twin Peaks Soundtracks to be Pressed on Pie-and-Coffee-Themed Wax

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<i>Twin Peaks</i> Soundtracks to be Pressed on Pie-and-Coffee-Themed Wax

Some damn fine news: Death Waltz Recordings announced a reissue for the two soundtrack installments of TV cult favorite Twin Peaks via Spin the Blackest Circle’s message board. The installments include both soundtracks for the TV show as well as the prequel film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The albums have not been repressed on wax since the initial release in the early ‘90s, but this time they’ll take on the shape of two of Agent Dale Cooper’s beloved treats: pie and coffee. The former will be pressed onto cherry-red wax, the latter onto coffee brown.

The label hasn’t announced a release date or album art details, but it did comment that the packaging is “approved by David Lynch himself.” In the meantime, take a listen to Twin Peaks’ classic, synth-heavy theme below.