Twitch Support Coming to Xbox One March 11

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Microsoft surprised the games world last year at E3 when it announced the Xbox One would offer Twitch integration, allowing users to stream gameplay live through the new console. The Xbox One launched without that feature in November, though. Meanwhile, Xbox One’s most direct competitor, the Playstation 4, has allowed its owners to broadcast on Twitch since day one.

Speculation over when Xbox One users might finally see Twitch on their shiny new systems has percolated since the One’s release. Well, speculate no more. Twitch took to its blog today to announce that streaming support will arrive on the One on March 11. Just in time for the most anticipated next-gen release of the year thus far, Titanfall.

The streaming company said in a statement that the long wait Xbox users have endured will be well worth it.

“The Twitch experience on Xbox One is easily the most feature-complete of our console integrations, and will hopefully turn on legions of gamers to the Twitch phenomenon,” it said.

This is another step forward for Twitch, who recently leapfrogged Hulu, Facebook and Amazon to become the fourth largest site in terms of peak internet traffic. Expanding its service to a third platform will allow Twitch to grow even larger, and the influx of incredible videos that are likely to come courtesy of Titanfall won’t hurt, either.

For more on the announcement, including how exactly streaming will work on the Xbox One, head over to Twitch’s blog.

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