Videogame Streaming Startup Makes Huge Leap in Prime Traffic Hours

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Videogame Streaming Startup Makes Huge Leap in Prime Traffic Hours

Twitch has joined the big leagues.

The broadcasting startup that allows gamers to stream exploits from the virtual world of videogames has leapt over big names on the Internet, like Hulu, Amazon and Pandora as one of the top sources of broadband traffic during prime-time hours.

Though a distant fourth, behind Apple, Google and Netflix (who is securely in the top spot providing 32 percent of the traffic), this is a huge step forward for Twitch. Part of the service’s recent success is due to the release of new consoles from Playstation and Xbox. Before the new generation of gaming, Twitch was PC only, but now it offers streaming on two platforms, soon to be three, though streaming on Xbox One is still a few months away. The company’s vice president of marketing, Matt DiPietro, said that PS4 users account for nearly 20 percent of the 1 million plus broadcasters on the website each month.

The increase of users has brought some issues for Twitch, however. “To be quite honest, we can’t keep up with the growth,” DiPietro told The Verge. It’s certainly a good problem to have, and the streaming service is doing all it can to keep the ship atop the water. Twitch is using the $20 million it raised in September to fund expansions of their servers, such as the 400 percent increase it just completed on its Chicago site.