Watch The Notwist Perform 7 New Close to the Glass Songs

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Watch The Notwist Perform 7 New <i>Close to the Glass</i> Songs

With Close to the Glass just around the corner, The Notwist has been incorporating many of the new songs in its live show. Last week, the band played seven of the album’s (very, very good) tracks, including the gorgeous “Run Run Run,” at La Divan du Monde in Paris. A few of these we’ve heard before—”Kong” and “Close to the Glass”—but they really do sound great in the live setting. Check out the video here and the setlist below.

The Notwist – Live at La Divan du Monde
They Follow Me (new)
Close to the Glass (new)
Kong (new)
Pick Up the Phone
Into Another Tune (new)
This Room
Gloomy Planets
Neon Golden
Different Cars and Trains
Casino (new)
One With the Freaks
Run Run Run (new)
Lineri (new)
Gone Gone Gone