Watch the SNL Cast and Writers Bid Seth Meyers an Emotional Goodbye

Comedy Video seth meyers
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Starting Monday, Seth Meyers will take over as host of NBC’s Late Night, a gig that meant stepping down as SNL’s head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor earlier this month. But before he’s completely moved into his new digs, his former coworkers wanted to give the comedian a final goodbye, filming this alternatingly silly and sweet video.

Obviously some of the show’s newest hires have fewer memories of their departing cast mate to draw on, making their messages more jokey than heartfelt, but SNL’s staff still put together a surprisingly emotional farewell. Kenan Thompson in particular finds himself on the verge of tears saying goodbye to his longtime colleague, having worked alongside Meyers for over a decade.

Of course, even the non-sentimental can and will find plenty to like in the video, including an exclusive story of the time the new Late Night host gave a homeless German a blow job. Check it out, and learn why Meyers will always be the King of Dares at SNL.