Will Arnett Reads Actual School Closings as Batman on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Comedy Video Will Arnett
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Part of what makes snow days so exciting as a kid is that, just like Batman, you never know when they’ll strike next. Both the Caped Crusader and incoming snow flurries descend like angels from the heavens to wipe out evildoers/homework. Unfortunately, for decades children have relied on the same boring newscasts to find out if their school is encased in a Mr. Freeze-like ice prison. Until now, that is…

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live! combined the two greatest things about childhood by having Batman himself read area school closures. However, this wasn’t Christian Bale’s “two-pack-a-day” Batman, but the significantly less laryngitic Will Arnett Batman from The Lego Movie. And while you have to appreciate the effort of putting the Bluth family bat in a cape, it really only made the comedian look more like everyone’s favorite Alliance-unapproved magician.. Check it out above.