Brew Dog Does Vegas; Brews Most Expensive Beer In World

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Brew Dog Does Vegas; Brews Most Expensive Beer In World

Scottish celebrity brewers Brew Dog have whipped up their share of outlandish beers in the past (anyone want a dead squirrel with that beer?), and their reality TV show, Brew Dogs features the dynamic duo traveling around the U.S. brewing beers that capture the essence of each city they’re visiting. There was fog in the San Francisco beer, lobsters in the Boston beer.

According to the Las Vegas beer blog Hooked on Hops, Brew Dog visited the city of sin and collaborated with Las Vegas’ Tenaya Creek Brewery for a beer that celebrated Vegas for the second season of their show. And because Vegas is over the top, Brew Dog and Tenaya went over the top with their beer, using a list of expensive ingredients from all over the world like water from New Zealand, black truffles, saffron, and gold. Yes, there were actually flakes of gold floating in the beer. Like Goldschlager. It’s as if Donald Trump brewed the beer himself.

The best part? Robin Leach, of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame, auctioned the beer off for $3,500, making it the most expensive bottle of beer in the world.