Brewery Makes Walking Dead Beer With Real Brains

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Brewery Makes Walking Dead Beer With Real Brains

Think you’re a Walking Dead fan? Are you a big enough fan to drink a beer made with brains? Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewery has brewed their fan-boy tribute to The Walking Dead, an American Pale Stout they’re calling Dock Street Walker that’s brewed with wheat, oats, flaked barley, cranberry, and (wait for it) smoked goat brains.

The cranberries give the beer a bloody hue, according to a press release from the brewery, and the brains add a smoky element. Dock Street points out that much of the world thinks goat brains are a delicacy. Still, I think you can file this one under, “WTF?”

The brew will be released locally for the season finale of The Walking Dead on March 30. Goat brains. Hmmm. Your move, BrewDog.