EasilyDo is a Serious Google Now Competitor for iPhone

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EasilyDo is a Serious Google Now Competitor for iPhone

EasilyDo wants to help you get more done faster and achieves that by consolidating and automating most of the tasks we use our phones for on a daily basis. The free app asks for access to a number of your social media and cloud storage accounts in order to aggregate and serve information which may be vital to you.

For example, the app will surface photos from your most active Facebook friend, keep you up to date on your latest Twitter mentions. It can even pull information from both sources to organize and decorate the contacts on your phone with profile pictures and email addresses you may have missed. If you’re waiting for a package or taking a trip soon, the app can provide updates on where your delivery is or sync with your calendar to remind you of that upcoming flight.

By linking to iCloud, Dropbox, Box or Evernote, you can easily send any information or notes taken into the cloud without leaving the app. Did you make a note in Evernote to buy milk on Tuesday? EasilyDo will create a reminder in its built-in tasks menu so that you can get it on your way home.


If you really want to make that shopping trip after leaving work, giving the app access to your GPS gives you the option of having it serve that reminder once you’ve left a certain location. That’s not all, the app can send texts or emails when you’re heading from or two a given location as well, keeping your hands free while in the car without leaving any friends or family in the dark about your whereabouts.

Other little things the app does such as providing the day’s weather forecast, the free iOS app of the week or similar iTunes track liken it to Google Now’s virtual assistant functionality on Android. While does not currently support voice commands, it’s in a more usable state than Apple’s “Today” view—and while it’s free, it’s tough to beat as an alternative.

EasilyDo is an iOS app that you can download for free in the App Store.