Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Go Doo-Wop, Perform "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

TV Video Jimmy Fallon
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If you’re looking for the difference between Jimmy Fallon and a late night host like Jimmy Kimmel, you only have to look at the viral videos that have come out from each in the past two days. Yesterday, Kimmel’s Lie Witness News caught Californians pretending to know about a fictional earthquake that divided the city into “death sectors” and “survival sectors.” Like all Lie Witness News segments, it was funny in a very misanthropic way, showcasing the human capacity for bullshit.

As for Fallon? As Paste’s Bonnie Stiernberg pointed out earlier this month, the man is a walking icon of happy-go-lucky sincerity. While Kimmel is exposing our hypocrisies and laughing at our weakness, Fallon is having the kind of fun that is stripped of any cynicism or negativity. His latest foray into aw-shucks terrain came last night, with Billy Joel as a guest. Fallon didn’t bother hiding that he was a huge fan, and using an iPad app that loops voices, the two jammed out to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” becoming their own Doo-Wop group. Watch above.

Later, he joined Joel on stage to perform “You May Be Right,” and he went kind of crazy:

Fun stuff, and it’s beginning to create a late night chasm. Do you prefer the biting misanthropy of Kimmel and Letterman, or the inoffensive glee of Fallon?