Nike Unveils World Cup 'Magista'

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Wired Magazine announced today the unveiling of the Nike Magista: a brand-new model designed especially for participants in the 2014 World Cup. The shoe’s most innovative feature is its striking half-shoe, half-sock form that allows for greater control and quicker mobility.

Though the development of the boot took a total of four years, Nike researchers, designers, and engineers quickly realized that competitive soccer has adjusted its focus to all things fast. “It’s about quick moves, quick decisions and strategy,” Wired reported, “and their hope was to create a new boot to reflect this.” In order to guarantee maximum comfort and agility, Nike made some adjustments to their prior models, including the removal of the tongue “which can be bothersome as it moves side to side when the players run.”

“The big aha moment was when we realized that we shouldn’t be designing a shoe just for the players’ foot,” said Denis Dekovic, Nike’s Global Football Design Director. “The foot is integrated with the body.” Thus, Nike engineered a “stretchy sock-like material” using adapted Flyknit technology—a first for soccer—that continues the fit of the sneaker over the ankle in order to supply additional support. The underside of the shoe uses studs, Pebax, and a nylon plate to enhance traction, “while ridges on the side will help players improve control while dribbling.” There’s also a “waterproof layer that’s thinner than a single sheet of paper.”

Nike hopes that the release of their newest form will soon be the standard of subsequent models aiming for athletic excellence.

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