This is the Baby Monitor That Every Parent Would Want

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Nothing is more important than the wellbeing of your baby, right? And as anyone with a newborn baby will tell you, one of the scariest things is leaving them to sleep in the night. There’s always that worry that something might happen. While things are almost always fine, it’s handy to have a monitor or aid in which to keep an ear out for the baby’s wellbeing. Monbaby is one such invention that aims to make things all the smoother.

Currently being funded via a Kickstarter campaign, Monbaby is a sleep monitor in a smart button that sends the baby’s breathing movements to your smartphone. It’s a simple device that’s easily snapped onto the baby’s clothing before bedtime. Sending information on the baby’s breathing and general movements to your iPhone, its app can tell you what the baby’s activity levels are like and even if they’ve been tossing or turning in the night. It works just as well as a sleep analytical tool as it does a breathing monitor.

It’s set to be very easy to use and a real stress reliever, ensuring that you always know what’s going on while your baby sleeps. It’s even possible to activate alerts if you’re particularly worried about something.

The Monbaby is currently available for $79 via a Kickstarter Early Bird special, with the regular price weighing in at $119. For those keen for a custom color for their Monbaby, they can also pledge $169 for the pleasure. Whatever the price, it sounds like a small price to pay for your baby’s wellbeing and your own peace of mind. Check out the campaign now, before it ends May 10.

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