Photographer's Project Matches Skin Tones to Pantone Colors

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The world leader in color, Pantone, often sets color trends in the fashion and design world. Pantone selects a color swatch annually, which strongly influences the hues that appear on runways. For instance, this year’s color is Radiant Orchid — this means you can expect to see more purples coming into play.

Madrid-based photographer Angelica Dass is cataloguing a spectrum of skin tones matched with Pantone swatches. Her intent is to show a spectrum of human diversity and provoke dialogue on ethnic identity.

Humanae is a series of portraits with Pantone swatch backgrounds that match the subject’s skin tone. Dass takes an 11×11 pixels sample of the subject’s face skin tone to determine the background color. Participants are all volunteers whom approached the project via Tumblr and Facebook. The project is an open-ended work in progress.

Dass’s work is represented by Max Estrella Gallery.