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In case you didn’t know, Jason Segel is currently filming The End of the Tour, an adaptation of David Lipsky’s book Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace.

If you need a minute to process the idea of Jason Segel as DFW, take that time now, we have other matters at hand.

All set? Here we go.

The film was on location at the Mall of America yesterday, and naturally that meant we got our first look at Segel as the man himself. The actor does don Wallace’s trademark circular glasses and white bandana. Is it good? Good isn’t necessarily the term one should use here. It might win best cosplay at a literary conference (do people cosplay at lit conferences? They should.), but whether it will play well on screen is a toss-up.

Is it bad? Not sure bad is right, either. Some, including Slate, say Segel has a striking resemblance to the late writer. Others wonder if its his real hair. It probably isn’t. So, who’s hair is it? Is it Eisenberg’s? Is the real trick of this movie that Eisenberg has already shaved his head to play Lex Luthor, and so he’s wearing a wig but his hair was used, straightened of course, to make-up Segel’s DFW ‘do? How is it attached? Is it connected the bandana and thus the headpiece will remain affixed Segel’s cranium for the length of the film? Or, are we talking real, Hollywood extensions?

What’s the budget for this movie again?

Is it something? It’s definitely something.

Check out the pictures and video, and decide for yourself. How good or bad does Segel look? Or, how much do you not care?

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