Superheroes and Villains: Exposed

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Superheroes and Villains: Exposed

A Canadian-based design company, Design Different, has stripped down superheroes and villains from their costumes to just their underwear. The designers have used everything from stars, buttons, belts and leaves to create these fancy bottoms. “When I think back to my childhood, memories flood my mind sparking visions of evil dark yet colorful super villains,” explains a Design Different artist. “Large powerful beings who all wanted to destroy humanity by fighting superheros, ultimately trying to obliterate the universe… all doing this in their undies.”

All your favorites from Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, The Green Goblin, Bain, and Dr. Doom are among the good and bad guys that have undressed in the minimalistic prints show below. The prints are available for purchase on Design Different’s website here.