Watch the First Two Minutes of the Veronica Mars Movie

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Watch the First Two Minutes of the <em>Veronica Mars</em> Movie

Almost a year ago, director Rob Thomas started a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising $2 million to make a Veronica Mars movie. The TV show, which starred Kristen Bell as a teenage detective, was canceled in 2007 after three seasons. Fans were disappointed, and Thomas thought they might be willing to part with a few bucks if it meant resurrecting the franchise on the silver screen. It took him a long time, and a lot of pluck and gumption and resilience and—oh wait, no. He met his goal in approximately six minutes, because Veronica Mars fans are INSANE. In a good way, I think. So the project was greenlit, we got a release date and a clip in December, and an official trailer in January. Now, less than two weeks from the film’s debut at SXSW and the official theater opening on March 14, Warner Bros. has released the first two minutes online. Take a look below as the now-former-teen sleuth gets dragged back into her old life to solve one last crime.