Brown Bird Frontman David Lamb Dies at 35

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After a year-long battle with leukemia, Brown Bird frontman Dave Lamb has died. The songwriter—who was first diagnosed last year and received over $70,000 in fan contributions—was 35 years old. Wife and bandmate MorganEve Swain confirmed the news through a Facebook post on April 5.

Dear friends,
Over the past year, and especially this past week, I have been so overwhelmed and grateful for the amount of love that has surrounded Dave and me throughout our life and career together. You all have posted so many beautiful stories about Dave- how humble he was, how gracious, how talented…He certainly was all those things.

Four days after Dave and I met we became bandmates, lovers and business partners, and set the tone for what our life would be for the next six years. We never imagined the amount of success we would enjoy in those years, how many incredible friendships would be forged, the experiences we would share, and nothing could have prepared us for the events of this past year.

Dave entered the battle with leukemia as only Dave could- determined, steadfast, smiling and always with his mind on our future. His incredible ability to continue writing through his struggle is something I’ll forever aspire to.

This week was the toughest in the battle, as Dave’s body began to shut down under the stress of a year-long fight and a sudden and aggressive leukemic relapse.

Today, surrounded by his family and so many friends, Dave peacefully let go.

Thank you for all the love you’ve all shown us. It helped so very much to know we had an army behind us.

Love and gratitude,

Tom Weyman, the band’s manager, took to Facebook yesterday to announce a celebration of Lamb’s life, which will be held on April 8 at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, R.I.

“This has been a rough time but the amount of support that has been given has been beautiful and overwhelming,” Weyman wrote. “So many people felt a connection to Dave, and we really appreciate everyone that has shared their stories and thoughts.”

Last May, we interviewed Swain to discuss Lamb’s illness, which you can read here, and revisit Brown Bird’s 2012 Newport session at the Paste ruins here.

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