CBS Wants Stephen Colbert to Take Over Late Show

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CBS Wants Stephen Colbert to Take Over <i>Late Show</i>

Yesterday, David Letterman confirmed that he will be retiring sometime in 2015, and the latest reports indicate that CBS execs have their eye on Stephen Colbert to take over Late Show. According to Mashable, Colbert, the host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, has already spoken informally with CBS about the job.

No contracts have been signed, but Colbert is under contract only through the end of 2014. Once his contract expires, he’ll be free to take over Letterman’s position on the Late Show. Letterman has not clarified exactly when his 33-year reign will end, but it will be sometime in 2015. If Colbert took the job, he’d have to face a more rigorous schedule that included five hour-long shows rather than four nights a week for just 30 minutes. He would also lose some control over which guests appeared on his show, and would be obliged to speak with more mainstream stars rather than the handpicked guests he prefers on Comedy Central.

CBS has also reportedly been talking to Jon Stewart, among other candidates, but they have made it clear that Colbert is the frontrunner in this major decision.