Emoji Comes to Twitter on the Web

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Emoji Comes to Twitter on the Web

Emoji has come to Twitter on the Web so now you can truly express your emotions in a tweet or maybe they will just make scrolling through your feed a little annoying. Twitter has designed a number of its own emoji characters for using Twitter on the Web client. Previously emojis were only available on the iOS, OSX, and Android apps.

The emojis are not compatible with embedded tweets yet and for now just appear as blank squares until you view the tweet on Twitter. Previously these boxes would appear in a tweet if you were on the Web client and viewing a tweet someone sent from their phone.


Emojis may seem like a small little change but Twitter appears to be tinkering with a lot of things in tweets of late, including rumors of changing the retweet button to a “share” button and even getting rid of @ handles in replies. It also rolled out new photo tagging and multiple photo uploading functions recently so keep an eye on Twitter for any more changes that may come up soon.