How Much Does It Cost to Score a Major League Proposal?

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How Much Does It Cost to Score a Major League Proposal?

Springtime is finally here, and baseball season is underway. With the return of America’s favorite pastime also comes the return of scoreboard proposals. Designer Molly Fitzpatrick researched how much it costs to propose on various stadiums’ Jumbotrons, and the results might surprise you.

The Braves and the Yankees won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but the Dodgers and the Nationals are asking what you or your fiancé may have already paid for an engagement ring. If you’re feeling the “go big or go home” option, the Cleveland Indians will let you propose through fireworks.

Unfortunately, there are five major league baseball teams that won’t allow you to pop the question. (Yet another reason for Mets fans to feel heartbroken.) If you are allowed to propose at a ballpark, the upside is that all proceeds go to charity.

You can see a list of each proposal package that all 30 major league baseball parks offer here and the infographic below.


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