PetPal Lets You Feed Your Pet When You're Not Home

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Any pet owner will know that feeding them while away isn’t always as convenient as it should be. While the ideal solution is getting a neighbor to check in on them, it’s not always practical. Similarly, while there are timer based devices available, they’re rarely overly effective. Dog owner and engineer Ken Powers has been working on a much better solution. It’s called PetPal and it’s an automatic WiFi Pet Feeder that’s available to buy via a Kickstarter campaign.

PetPal allows you to not only feed your pet from anywhere and at any time, but also see your pet eat, listen to it, and even talk to your beloved furry friend. PetPal contains a Food Reservoir that holds around 15 lbs. of food with a timer allowing for five programmable feeding times per 24 hour period, as well as the option to feed them whenever is good for you. Working via Wi-Fi and a smartphone app, it means you can always see how your dog or cat is doing.

There’s motion sensing capabilities built into it with the option to take a 30 second video clip when motion is detected as well as snap photos. As well as that, PetPal will inform you via email when food levels are running low or empty.

It’s clever stuff and ideal for when you’re away from home, whether that’s for a short or extended period of time. It’s currently available as part of an Early Bird special price of $360 with that price rising to $370 and $395 after limited supplies are sold. That’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, as well as being able to check in on your pet so regularly, no matter where you are in the world.

The Kickstarter campaign has until May 28 to run, so get on it if you have WiFi pet-feeding needs.

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