The Tomorrow People Review: “Modus Vivendi”

(Episode 1.19)

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<i>The Tomorrow People</i> Review: &#8220;Modus Vivendi&#8221;

It must be terribly nice to be Stephen Jameson. He’s got super powers for miles, a rockin’ bod, and, of course, all the ladies have the hots for him. Not only is he bedding with his Ultra partner, Hillary, but he’s driving poor Cara and even more pitiful Astrid to fits because they can’t have him.

At the moment, though, all he sees is Hillary and the red lingerie she’s sporting when she stops by for a visit. But of course, the sweet mystery of life is clouding his judgment, as it is revealed that she’s spying on him and his activities for the Founder. And she somehow implanted a homing beacon in his teeth. Oh but at the end of the episode, you see her furrowed brow that indicates that she’s conflicted. Her feelings for puppy dog-eyed Stephen are battling with her evil tendencies. What is a girl to do?

At this point, all she can do is stand by her man as he straps himself into “The Machine,” bringing himself to Limbo in an effort to bring his father back from the brink of death. Poor Roger is finally being brought back from his cryostasis, only because the forces at Ultra were closing in. And, obviously, the only person who can do the job is Roger’s wife.

“But wait,” you say, “I thought things were turning around and that Ultra had enacted a cease fire between themseleves and the Tomorrow People?” You’d be right, but it was short-lived, lasting as long as The Founder felt he was getting what he wanted: the death of Jedikiah and all that are working with him. And once they tracked down the lair where Jedikiah and John were sitting shiva next to Roger’s body, the ceasefire abruptly unceased, and the action was centered entirely on the underground lair.

Now that Hillary knows where it is and what’s going on, it seems only a matter of time before a big-time showdown takes place. And with the first season of the show rushing towards its finale on May 5th, that will likely happen sooner rather than later. That leaves the question of who or what will stumble into the crosshairs in the meantime.

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