Jeff Tweedy Jams with Andy Dwyer on Parks & Rec

TV Video Jeff Tweedy
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We’ve known this was coming since February, and as we saw on Portlandiaa couple days ago, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy is really making the TV rounds of late. Last night, it was NBC’s turn, and Tweedy showed up on Parks & Recreation as the lead singer of fictional Indiana band called Land Ho!

In the clip, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) show up at his door trying to convince him to reunite the band for the big “Unity Concert” (which will also include appearances by Yo La Tengo and The Decemberists, both portraying fake bands). The situation devolved when Andy gets frustrated at Tweedy’s inability to sing along with “Karate Chop Master,” a Dwyer original and a big hit with the kids.

Take a look below—the clip should jump straight to Tweedy’s scene, but if it does not, his part begins at 19:35.