Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party to Dispense Ghostbustin'-Ass Wisdom

Comedy Video Bill Murray
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Once an actor of some renown, these days Bill Murray mainly just walks the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, helping strangers and performingminormiracles. Most recently that meant showing up at some dude’s bachelor party for no reason other than to offer the kind of sage advice that can only come from a man who has lived the same day 12,403 times.

According to Deadspin, revelers were celebrating a former classmate’s marriage in Charleston, S.C. this weekend when one of them spotted the seemingly omnipresent comedian. After politely declining to join them for drinks, Murray caught up with them anyway to say a few words about relationships. Naturally, doing just that wasn’t quite awesome enough, so then the 63-year-old comedy legend put the groom on his goddamn shoulders because that’s just how a ghostbuster rolls. Check it out above.