CleverPet is a Game Console For Your Dog

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Many dogs both want and need plenty of mental exercise as well as physical exertion—just like human beings. While obviously it’s good to provide that stimulation yourself, there’s also a new gadget on the horizon that should entertain dogs even when they’re home alone.

It’s called CleverPet and it’s touted as a dog games console. Currently being supported via a Kickstarter campaign, CleverPet is a WiFi connected device that can keep your pet entertained and fed all day if need be.

Using scientifically proven techniques, it adapts to your dog’s needs offering various interactions that grow more challenging as your dog learns how to do things. It has three sensitive touch pads which light up and are designed for your dog’s nose or paws. Your beloved pooch then ‘wins’ food for touching the pads with CleverPet adjusting as the dog learns. Over time, CleverPet adjusts to activate particular pads with the dog being rewarded for touching the correct pad and solving the puzzle. You can even record your own voice to encourage them. Think of it as like Simon Says for dogs.

While you’re away from your home, you can use the CleverPet app to keep track of how things are going for your dog, as well as see how much they’re learning. You can always feel part of the educational process then, while not having to worry about your dog getting bored. CleverPet easily replaces a food bowl too, holding enough food to feed most dogs during the day.

The Kickstarter campaign has until June 2 to run with it already having reached nearly 70% of its target. It’s the ideal time to dive in with the early bird special of $159 to grab a CleverPet device with that price rising to $199 once the initial allocation has sold. It’s a fine price for keeping your pooch happy throughout the day.

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