E-Book Library Scribd Gives Paste Readers Free 3-Month Subscription

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From Hulu Plus to Netflix Instant, film and TV streaming services have dominated the internet for years. Though e-books have also grown in popularity, they’ve remained a relatively untouched medium in the digital subscription market until recently. Enter Scribd.

Nicknamed the “Netflix of books,” Scribd lets you download and read an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee. But thanks to their partnership with Paste, they’re offering readers a free, three-month subscription to their digital library! To sign up and give Scribd a try, just click this link and use this code: pastemag (the code expires on May 20, 2014).

Want to read that Neil Gaiman novel everyone’s raving about? Addicted to the For Dummies self-help series? Scribd’s library offers over 300,000 books from 900 publishers in all genres, and their books are compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and any web browser.

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