Game of Thrones Reimagined as Modern Day Corporations

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During the ?first season of Game of Thrones, Mordi Levi started to notice the strong brand?ing of each of the ? Great Houses depicted in the series. The Israel-based graphic designer spent the next four seasons rebranding a good number of them as modern ?companies with corporate identities.

The connection between the houses and the companies Levi has created for them is obvious in some instances. House Arryn, whose emblem is the falcon and motto i?s “?high as honor ” is reimagined as Arryn Airlines. House Stark is a cold weather outfitter preparing you for the coming winter, while? House Tyrell is a flower company. ?Others have a looser connection, like House Targaryen as a steak restaurant and House Tullyas a cruise company. For each cooperate identity, Levi has created logos, packaging, business cards, advertisements, and various other marketing materials to demonstrate the brand.

You can view? Levi’s ?entire Game of Firms ? series? on Behance.

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