A GWAR-Themed Bar is in the Works

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Shock-rockers GWAR continue to follow the marketing prowess of KISS—the band has announced plans to open a GWARbar in Richmond, Va.

The alien metal band created their own barbecue sauce, GWAR-B-Q, and released GWAR-B-Q Brew (billed as “the only thing that GWAR won’t spew” in a hilarious commercial) last year. Their new venture will be a GWAR-themed restaurant that, well let’s just let the band’s press camp take care of this one:

“GWARbar will not merely be a place to gorge on delectable food-stuffs whilst hoisting endless flagons of liquid glee…it will not be just a shrine and showcase to the undeniable visual impact of the world’s most infamous metal band…the opening of the GWARbar will be the singularly most important culinary event to occur since the invention of the spoon!”

To make this gory nightmare a reality, the band enlisted the help of GWAR nation through an IndieGoGo project to raise money. Rewards for contributing range from the band’s “undying scorn” (a bargain for $1) to a cooking class with guitarist BalSac ($750) to a private party at the bar ($10,000).

According to the project’s website, the bar was a concept that Dave Brockie, frontman for band as Oderus Urungus, never got to see through. But with some humor (see above) and a little bit of support from their fans, they hope to make one of Brockie’s last dreams come true.

GWARbar will feature GWAR-B-Q sauce, GWAR-B-Q Brew and “meat sandwiches,” which isn’t nearly descriptive enough for a band who routinely puts its fans through a grinder contraption during shows.

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