This is the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft's Latest All-in-One Tablet

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The Surface products have always been an interesting line of experiments for Microsoft. They were a way of not only demonstrating the power of Windows 8, but also leading the charge in demonstrating the kinds of hardware that could match it.

Now on its third iteration, the Surface Pro 3 has finally come—and it’s big improvement over last year’s model. Not to be confused with the lighter Surface 3, the Surface Pro 3 truly is a replacement for your laptop. It runs everything your Windows netbook or ultrabook laptop could run, with the added benefit of using it as a tablet on the train or flipping through Twitter with a touchscreen. The new Surface Pro 3 is perhaps the first version that could truly replace your laptop by featuring a sturdier kickstand that can stand at nearly any angle.

The Surface Pro 3 also claims to be even thinner than the Macbook Air, while still using the latest Intel Core processors. The device is available in i3, i5, and i7 versions and a variety of storage options as well. Lastly, the Surface Pro 3 features a 12” full HD display that really does look fantastic in the update.

Pre-orders for the Surface Pro 3 have already begun starting at $799, but the device won’t be shipping until June.