Chris Martin Plants a Kiss on Spider-Man for SNL Sketch

Comedy Video Spider-Man
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To say that a certain segment of Andrew Garfield’s SNL appearance got a little weird would be an understatement. The Amazing Spider-man star hosted SNL with Coldplay appearing as the musical guest, but that wasn’t the last we’d see of Chris Martin.

Garfield’s co-star Emma Stone got involved during an awkward Spider-man sketch. The duo didn’t quite know how to create an iconic kissing scene (that early-2000s upside-down kiss really set the bar), and after several takes, Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin showed Spider-man how it’s really done—blonde wig and all.

The show cut a ‘90s teen drama-inspired sketch called “Wing,” where Garfield plays a leather jacket-clad character named Dylan. It’s pretty obvious why the sketch was cut from Garfield’s episode, but you can see for yourself below.

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