AB InBev Challenges Natty Greene’s Over Trademark

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File this one under “completely ridiculous.” Anheuser-Busch InBev is challenging a trademark application filed by Natty Greene’s Brewing Company, a craft brewery operating out of Greensboro, N.C.

Natty Greene’s tried to trademark the name of their company, “Natty Greene’s” and AB InBev cried foul, claiming the name falls too close to one of their own brands of beer, Natural Light. Apparently, AB InBev had previously filed trademarks for “Natty Light,” “Fatty Natty, and “Natty Daddy,” and has “sold millions of dollars’ worth of beer under the Natty marks, and has spent millions of dollars advertising and promoting its products under these trademarks.”

The insinuation here, is that Natty Greene’s is going to slip in and benefit from all the hard work AB InBev put into the Natty Light brand.

Kayne Fisher, one of the co-owners of Natty Greene’s, told the Triangle Business Journal that the challenge is “unfounded.” The brewery is named after Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War Hero. Natty Greene’s application had been approved by the patent office prior to AB InBev’s challenge, but now the situation could potentially be settled in court.

What I’m dying to know throughout all of this hubbub, is who the hell is referring to Natural Light as “Natty Daddy”? Seriously, who calls it “Natty Daddy”? Show of hands please.

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