Raise a Glass to this Whiskey-Inspired Print Series

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Raise a Glass to this Whiskey-Inspired Print Series

Chicago-based artist and designer Rob Loukotka has created a series of whiskey-inspired prints we’ll happily raise a glass to. The Whiskey Series features prints representing three cocktails: the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan and the Sazerac. The series is done in whiskey tones and features each cocktail in its appropriate glassware. Typographic elements on each print indicate the year the cocktail was invented along with ingredients.


Noting that the Old Fashioned is basically the original cocktail, Loukotka couldn’t create a whiskey series without including this OG of whiskey drinks.


Loukotka’s Manhattan pays homage to the drink’s traditional recipe, made with bourbon or rye, sweet vermouth, bitters and a cherry


The third in Loukotka’s series spotlights the Sazerac, a lesser know whiskey-based cocktail. “I love this drink because it has such a precise preparation,” said Loukotka on his website. The recipe calls for two chilled glasses, one that must be coated in Absinthe.

Aside from expressing his love of whiskey through design, Loukotka runs the Chicago-based “virtual playground” and workshop Fringe Focus. His previous work includes a series of posters featuring ACME gadgets, which was a wildly successful Kickstarter project that raised more than $105,000.

You can view all of Loukotka’s work on his website.