Couple Creates Gourmet Food Packs Just in Time for Camping and Concert Season

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Couple Creates Gourmet Food Packs Just in Time for Camping and Concert Season


With summer in full swing, it’s officially camping and concert season. As enjoyable as it is to pitch a tent under the stars or set up camp at your favorite multi-day music festival, finding good food can be a serious drag.

Good To-Go, founded by husband-and-wife duo Jennifer Scism and David Koorits, is a company that’s putting gourmet into the great outdoors. The company creates dehydrated meal packs that add a four-star feel to your camping experience.

Scism is a celebrated chef and co-owner of the New York City-based restaurant Annisa. She also beat Mario Batali on the Food Network’s Iron Chef. Scism and her husband have made it their mission to create amazing meals for your next adventure.

Good To-Go currently offers three handmade meal packs on their menu. Part of the pleasure of camping is being one with nature, and Good To-Go helps you accomplish that by using fresh vegetables and spices as the core ingredients of their meals.

The Thai curry includes green beans, jasmine rice, lemongrass, and coconut milk. The smoked three bean chili comes with chipotle chili powder, onion, smoked paprika, and ground coriander. The herbed mushroom risotto has Arborio rice, mushrooms, white wine, and extra virgin olive oil among its ingredients.

Each pack is available in single and double portions and offer a campfire meal that’s a far cry from canned chili.