A Dutch Cathedral Tranforms into a Modern Bookstore

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In the 15th century, a lavish Broerenkerk cathedral was constructed for daily worship in the Netherlands. Today, the building serves a different purpose: selling books.

The cathedral was first transformed into a bookstore in 1836, but Dutch architectural firm BK. Architecten undertook a project last year to modernize the store yet still maintain the building’s original history.

“The architectural concept of this shop in church is based on two, sometimes conflicting, elements,” BK. Architecten wrote in an introduction to the project. “The first time we entered this church we immediately felt the historical value of this building. The space, height, long axis, high arches, stained glass windows, ceiling paintings and the pipe organ: this 15th-century building really earned its place in the city of Zwolle.”

Check out gorgeous photos of the bookstore, Waanders In de Broeren, above.