Jack White Breaks Vinyl Sales Record With Lazaretto

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Jack White Breaks Vinyl Sales Record With <i>Lazaretto</i>

Jack White  has smashed a 20-year-old vinyl sales record, which is no doubt an impressive feat in a world where digital is the preferred medium.

His new LP Lazaretto has sold 40,000 copies during its first sales week, breaking the previous record that Pearl Jam set in 1994 with their album Vitalogy. While Lazaretto did get the Third Man treatment when it comes to special features, it still speaks to the revival of vinyl. The 12-inch version of Lazaretto comes packed with tricks only White could dream up, including a holographic angel that appears just above the groove when the record spins, “dual groove” technology that allows for alternate electric and acoustic intros to “Just One Drink,” the ability for side A to play from the inside out. The list goes on.

According to Rolling Stone, White also sold 41,000 CDs and nearly 57,000 downloads, making 138,000 total sales of Lazaretto during its first week. That’s the same number of sales as White’s debut LP, Blunderbuss, and makes the album No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

And if all that wasn’t cool enough, White has also been awarded his own ice cream flavor appropriately titled Jack N’ White. Yes, Australian chain Gelato Messina honors White with caramelized white chocolate, pecans, fudge and a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey. The catch is that it’s only available for a week and in Australia, so, like Lazaretto, you better get moving.